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Katie Mason LMT/Reiki Master

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From an early age, it has always been my passion to nurture and teach others.  My younger brother can attest to hours on end of playing school when he clearly would rather play Nintendo and our family cat that would hide because he needed a break from me squeezing one of his nine lives out of him.  “Just let me love you, Tippy!”


It was no surprise that I became an elementary school teacher.  I loved my students and it was an honor to watch them grow during our short time together.  While part of my job was to teach fractions and division, my most important role was to instill in them the belief that they were valued, heard, and important.  When kids feel seen, they are unstoppable.  Adults are no different.

While teaching children filled my heart for many years, it was during a weekend reiki class that I knew I found my calling.  I discovered how profound this subtle yet powerful work could be to help those suffering both physical and emotional issues.  I also realized how stressed and out of touch I had become with my own needs. 


Shortly after that, I began taking yoga classes and learning more about the mind/body connection.  Within 2 months I was enrolled in yoga teacher training.  At that point there was no turning back.  After some soul searching and a deep inner knowing, I decided to leave my beloved career and pursue my passion for body work and energy healing.  It was a big risk but a bigger risk would’ve been the regret of not following my dreams.

In September of 2018, I enrolled in the 770 hour holistic program at Spa tech.  During my time, I gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in both therapeutic massage and polarity therapy.  I have extensive training in Swedish, deep tissue,  myofascial release and hot stones.  Since graduating in 2019, I have also been trained in foot reflexology, trigger point therapy, and cupping.

I began my career at Balance Spa in Tewksbury and worked among the best in the industry.  I am forever grateful to Nan Vardaro, Kristin Scioli and the rest of the team for giving me a chance, helping me uncover my potential & treating me like family.

In 2022, I earned my Reiki Master Certification and look forward to teaching this sacred energy practice to others.  I am a life-long learner and I am eagerly looking forward to adding more modalities and skills to my craft.


My mission is to design an individualized session to nurture each client’s mind, body and spirit. Whether a client desires a deeply indulgent massage to relieve stress, energy work to remove blocks, deep therapeutic work for injury or a beautiful combination of everything, I would consider it an honor to play a role in their healing journey.

I enjoy spending time with my husband Mike and giving belly rubs to my fur baby, Chance.  I love traveling to Arizona and soaking up the calm, peaceful energy during a hike in Sedona or lounging on the couch binge watching Yellowstone.  I love to spend time with friends, live, laugh and take one day at a time!

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